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Head of Department – MD, Professor Smiyan Olexandr.

Fields of education: 7.12010001 "General Medicine", 7.12010003 "Preventive Care", 7.12010005 "Stomatology"

Levels of education: Undergraduate (Specialist), Internship, Mastership, Residency training, PhD, continuing education and courses of specialization.

The branch offers courses from 3rd to 6th year Medical School students, who study such disciplines as:

3rd course - "Modern Methods of Genetic Diagnosis"
4th course - "Pediatrics"
5th course - "Pediatrics, Child’s Infections", "Medical Genetics"
6th course - "Pediatrics, Child’s Infections"
Mastership "Pediatrics"
Internship "Pediatrics", "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "Internal Medicine"
Continuing education and courses of specialization 
Residency training "Pediatrics"
PhD "Pediatrics"

1 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 assistants, 3 PhD, 2 residents, 1 laboratory assistant, 1 articulator.

The clinical bases of the branch:
Sumy Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital
City Children’s Polyclinics №1 and №2 of St. Zinaida's City Children’s Clinical Hospital