Methodological work

The department is equipped with modern technical facilities. To improve the theoretical knowledge our department has a computer class with 7 computers where students, medical interns and doctors during courses of specialization can use tests in all fields of Pediatrics. These tests are prepared by the department’s scientists and include modern standards of medical education. Members of our department have developed clinical cases and test questions (about 4000) in all topics of practical classes. For 6-years students made a computer database of questions to prepare for the licensing exam "KROK-2". Computer control reached 100% of students, medical interns and doctors during courses of specialization.

For optimization of the learning process the department was issued more than 35 manuals on current issues of Pediatrics. The methodological manuals for English-speaking students are "Student's case history" (2009), "Pediatrics" (2009), "Neonatology" (2011), "Modern methods of genetic diagnosis" (2015). Such guidances as "Pediatrics" and "Neonatology" are labeled by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The department actively participated in the preparation of certain sections of the national book "Medicine of Childhood", the chapter "Nephrology" of Interuniversity guidance in Pediatrics, the chapter "Anemia" National guidance in Pediatrics. The department established more than 20 training videos. All lectures for students and courses of pediatric specialization prepared with multimedia.

The department created a training class where students, medical interns, and doctors are introduced to the principles of resuscitation of newborns and young children; improve their practical skills on phantoms.